Rooting Powders

Used to enhance the rooting of ornamentals in several countries within and outside the EU for over 80 years.

Rhizopon rooting powder or tablets ensure:

  • A uniformly shaped root system around the base of the cuttings ensures a better anchoring of the plant in the pot or soil and enables a balanced build-up of the plant.
  • Increased predictability in the propagation of the crop. This ensures the producer of the starting material reliability.
  • Healthy crops, less sensitive to pests and diseases due to the optimal rooting.

Available Rooting power percentage:

  • Chryzopon rose 0.1%,
  • Chryzotop green 0.25%
  • Chryzotek beige 0.4%
  • Chryzosan white 0.6%
  • Chryzoplus grey 0.8%
  • Rhizopon AA 0.5%
  • Rhizopon AA 1%
  • Rhizopon AA 2%

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