Haygrove Tunnels: Pioneer

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Key Features

  • Excellent air circulation
  • Polytunnel can be fully sealed and easily vented
  • Steeper profile with the Gothic Plus
  • Hoop
  • Option to add lattice hoop cabling
  • High strength steel grade
  • Flexible and quick installation
  • Fully accessible

Product Benefits

  • Helps to reduce temperature and humidity fluctuations for
    advantageous growing conditions
  • Effectively manage the climate within the tunnel and extend the
    growing season
  • Helps prevent snow build up, reducing risk of damage
  • Provides a low-cost method of adding strength to protect against
    windy conditions
  • The structure follows the natural contours of the ground,
    mitigating the need for site levelling or concrete foundations
  • Available in a range of bay widths to suit bespoke plant row
  • Widths allow full tractor access and internal roadways for tractor

Suitable for:

Technologies: Roller Doors, Single Bay Doors, Side Skirts, Roller Hoop Vent, Rain Gutter, Climate Control Sensors 

Steel type: HSO 80, HSO 60, 40mm

Suited for: Strawberries, Rasberries, Blueberries

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