Haygrove Tunnels: Fixed Top Vent

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Key Features

  • Permanent apex vent which constantly circulates air whilst protecting the crop from wind and rain damage.
  • Option of additional roller vents on the hoops and sides of the tunnel which creates a chimney effect for full exchange of air and gives the grower the ability to manage the growing environment to achieve high yields.

Product Benefits

  • Optimise climate to improve yield and quality
  • Crop is protected from weather damage
  • Optional roller vents to maximise air exchange
  • The combination of vents prevents hot air from accumulating above the crop, which is a significant advantage in hot or humid climates.
  • Advanced support technology means the structure is durable and stable against wind.

Suitable for:

Technologies: Roller Doors, Single Bay Doors, Side Skirts, Roller Hoop Vent, Rain Gutter, Climate Control Sensors 

Steel type: HSO 80

Suited for: Mid-season crops in warm and humid climates. 

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